Theatre Improv Show & Lesson Plan!
New Year SALE: $27!!!
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$27 New Year Sale!

ONE TIME OFFER: This Lesson Plan INCLUDES Six Improv Game Breakdowns... You can MORE THAN 10X that with your digital copy of ZingerZ' Exclusive Improv Workbook, "ImproWISE"! Get 70+ Detailed Improv Game Breakdowns, 24+ Improv Warmup Breakdowns, Resources for New Troupe Leaders, Charts, Game Lists and References for On-Stage use + Teach your students "How To SING Rhyming Verses"... and SO MUCH MORE! ALL for ONLY $17!!!

Here's What You'll Get:
  • 3-4 week Theatre Lesson Plan, for In-Class & E-Learning, that Culminates into a Themed Improv Show!  (Value = up to $9.99)
  • Themed Improv Show for your Students, including Step-by-Step Instructions & Show Tools!  (Min. Value = $60.00)
  • Student Improv Lesson & Workshop Videos!  (Min. Value = $96.00)
  • *BONUS: Dual Ticketing Services that WE SET UP FOR ALL YOUR FUTURE SHOWS... FOREVER!  (Min. Labor Value = $191.00)
  • *BONUS: 100% Money Back... GUARANTEED,  from Show Tix!  (Value = $47.00 & Beyond!)

Total MINIMUM Value: $347.00

Your "GUARANTEED" Money-Back Guarantee

This is NOT a "If you're not satisfied" Money Back Guarantee.   This is a "YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK... PERIOD... NO MATTER WHAT... GUARANTEED!!!" 

Here's How:
Within 30 Days after you start your Lesson Plan, your "Fish Tank" Improv Show will premiere!
Even if a WORST CASE SCENARIO happens and you ONLY SELL ONE TICKET per Show Student for Just $5 each... You will STILL make enough to pay YOUR "Fish Tank" Investment back IN FULL... plus, have extra cash for your Theatre Department!
PLUS... If you utilize our Ticketing Services and we see that you did NOT get FULLY REIMBURSED through your ticket revenues, WE will reimburse you for any portion of your "Fish Tank" Investment that you did not get back from ticket sales... GUARANTEED!*

Secure Processing

Each order is processed through a secure, 256-bit encrypted payment processing gateway to ensure your privacy.
*MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Offer is only valid when a) the provided themed improv show "Fish Tank" is performed for a paying audience (virtual and/or live),
b) Zingerz' Ticketing Services, provided in this offer, are used to sell the tickets to said performed "Fish Tank" show, and c) tickets are priced at a minimum amount of $3 each for In-Person Tickets or $5 per Virtual Ticket Show Code. Zingerz will only rebate up to a total of $47 (or $27 when on sale) + $15 if performed on Zoom, based on the amount of money made from ticket sales for said "Fish Tank" show. For example, if a non-Zoom show makes $35 from ticket sales, Zingerz will provide a rebate of $12 to fully reimburse the $47 cost.
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