Virtual Themed Improv Show

with... "Audition Process" Lesson Plan!

Includes EVERYTHING Needed for a Virtual (or In-Person) Performance & Lesson!

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Here's a Breakdown of EVERYTHING You'll Get...

(INDIVIDUAL Performance Structure allows EVERYTHING to be done Online or In-Person)

Themed Improv Show
Can be performed 100% Virtually or On-Stage,  with Social Distancing Procedures built in!

A detailed Step-by-Step Show Guide that walks you through the entire process of putting on your Parody Improv"Fish Tank" Show(s)... whether performed Virtually or On-Stage!  Do one show or multiple short "episodes"... it's your choice!

Also Includes:
  • Show Production Tools
  • Performance/Video/Streaming Rights
Full Lesson Plan
Good for In-Class & E-Learning... or Show Prep!

Performance-Focused Class/Prep Assignments, all set up as an AUDITION PROCESS for your Show... Provide Your Students with an End Goal to focus on and work towards as they learn!

Also Includes:
  • Detailed Improv Game Breakdowns
  • Improv Game Example Videos
  • Student & Teacher Workshop Videos
BONUS: Ticketing Services
 Use of our Online Dual Ticketing Platform for ALL YOUR FUTURE SHOWS… for FREE!!!   Plus, WE DO ALL THE WORK!   Just provide us your show info and WE will set up your Ticket Sales platform for EVERY SHOW You Ever Produce, at NO COST (and you get FULL ACCESS)!  Free Yourself from the hassle of setting up Ticket Sales.  Let us do it for you… For FREE… FOREVER!

NOTE: Use of the Bonus Ticketing Services is NOT Required for your "Fish Tank" Show.
If "Approved Vendor" status is needed for you to utilize your Bonus Ticketing Services, please let us know & we will contact your School District to become an Approved Vendor.

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Who's Behind the "Fish Tank" Lesson Plan & Show?

CLICK PLAY for a SAMPLE Improv Game Example Video
So, What is this Offer Really Worth?
Here's what you would normally pay for everything included...
  • Theatre Lesson Plan:  different plans available online for Free - $9.99
  • School Show:  min. $50 per performance (one-act) + min. $9.99 per script  (
  • Online Student Improv Lessons/Workshop:  between $96 - $250  (ComedySportz)
  • Labor for 'FOREVER' Ticketing Services:  min. $191  (based on National Min. Wage)
Total Minimum Value: $347.00
(Don't Worry... This is NOT the Cost...)
But Today, You're Getting ALL of This...

Themed Improv Show
"Audition Process" Lesson Plan
All Performance/Video/Streaming Rights
"IMPROVing Improv Online..." 
Presentation Video
Improv Game Breakdowns
Improv Game Example Videos
Student Improv Workshop Videos
Teacher Resource Workshop Video
Step-by-Step Virtual Improv Show Guide
Step-by-Step Stage Improv Show Guide
Show Production Tools (Images/Music/Video)
Digital Show Flyer (printable)
Live Streaming Capability for Stage Shows
BONUS: 'FOREVER' Ticketing Services

For Only... $47.00!!!
New Year SALE: $27.00!!!
That's a SAVINGS of OVER 86%... 92%!!!
Just send your PO to 
and we will email you an invoice along with a link to the 
Full Improv Show & Lesson Package!!!

*If "Approved Vendor" status is needed for you to utilize Purchase Orders, please let us know and we will contact your School District to become an Approved Vendor.


"Not Your Typical" 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!*

This is NOT a "If you're not satisfied" Money Back Guarantee.  This is a "YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK... PERIOD... NO MATTER WHAT... GUARANTEED!!!"
Here's How:
Within 30 Days after you start your Lesson Plan, your "Fish Tank" Improv Show will premiere!
Even if a WORST CASE SCENARIO happens and you ONLY SELL ONE TICKET per Show Student for Just $5 each...  You will STILL make enough to pay YOUR "Fish Tank" Investment back IN FULL... plus, have extra cash for your Theatre Department!

PLUS... If you utilize our Ticketing Services and we see that you did NOT get FULLY REIMBURSED through your ticket revenues, WE will reimburse you for any portion of your "Fish Tank" Investment that you did not get back from ticket sales... GUARANTEED!

That's Right...  No Risk!
No Money Out of Pocket!

(Well, At Least Not For Long!)
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*MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Offer is only valid when  a) the provided themed improv show "Fish Tank" is performed for a paying audience (virtual and/or live),  
b) Zingerz' Ticketing Services, provided in this offer, are used to sell the tickets to said performed "Fish Tank" show, and  c) tickets are priced at a minimum amount of $3 each for In-Person Tickets or $5 per Virtual Ticket Show Code.  Zingerz will only rebate up to a total of $47 (or $27 when on sale) + $15 if performed on Zoom, based on the amount of money made from ticket sales for said performed "Fish Tank" show.  For example, if a non-Zoom show makes $35 from ticket sales, Zingerz will provide a rebate of $12 to fully reimburse the $47 cost.
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